Saint Ann's Church


Cemetery Committee

St. Ann's Garden of the Unforgotten, is a non-denominational cemetery and only human remains will be interred.  The Vestry of St Ann’s has complete jurisdiction over the management of the Cemetery.

Established in 1874, St. Ann’s Cemetery is the consecrated land owned by St. Ann’s Church, Sayville, and  holds local prominence in the community with its natural beauty and local history.  This picturesque cemetery contains the graves of many notable local people. Among those interred here are members of the Suydam, Roosevelt, Post and Smith families, including General (Baron) Philippe de Trobriand, a French aristocrat who married into the Post family and served both in the American Civil War and in the American West.

Lytch Gate and 12 Stations of Cross are both are recent additions to grounds.  England has long had a tradition of lytch gates which sheltered mourners from the elements while they awaited a burial.  This one was designed by William Colson, a well-known local artist who is also buried in the cemetery.  The Stations of the Cross are on a walkway to the right beyond the lytch gate.

St. Ann's Cemetery Manager - Janet Croce 631 563-8203